Experience-report about the use of AGROFLOR wasp protection nets

After the campaign for plant protection AGROFLOR wasp protection nets were installed in the grape trial at the fruit test site "Stutel". I would like to share my experiences about the trial:

- The handling of the wasp protection net
  is very good because of the seam with
  knitted button holes and certain
  "stiffness". The nets are easy to unroll,
  install and roll back up. The weight is
  conveniently light.

- The wasp protection net article no 502 with a width of 1,20m is best
  suitable for the growing of grapes when using the forms of growing we
  use,"T-growing" and "rhomb-growing". The same nets with a width of
  0,75 m and 1m are ideal for trelli-growing which we are not using any
  more. That is why we improvised and sewed 2 small nets together to
  one big one.
  For the "T-growing" we installed a foil as rain protection over the grapes
  and wasp protection nets with a width of 1,20m on each side which lead
  to very good results. For the "rhomb-growing" we covered the
  leave-wall and the grapes of each row completely with several nets
  fixed into each other with also very good results.
  The wasp protection nets also detain parts of the rain.
  The water runs down on the sides.
- The fixation with "S-hooks" was too complicated for us. That is why we
  used wire and plastic clips to install the nets. To seal the nets at the
  bottom we rolled the two ends of the nets together and fixed them with
  clips to the two vine roots.

- The AGROFLOR wasp protection net seems to be very steady and after
  one season we discovered hardly any damage.

- Next year we will try to protect whole rows of grapes of the "T-growing"
  and "rhomb-growing" with a 4m wide wasp protection net.

Bavarian regional office for winegrowing and gardening
sector winegrowig and quality management
Josef Engelhart

Wasp protection from Agroflor