biological nets

A new product extends our range.

Netting made of biomaterial made of potato-reinforced and are fully capable of compost on the home compost. The nets rot completely under "normal" conditions and compost can be feed back into the natural cycle of nature.

The fine mesh Bird Netting (Art. 323 bio) is used to protect the berries, shrubs and for sewing.

The plantation safety net (Art. 315 bio) is designed to protect the vines against bird repellents.

Netting made of biomaterial are an environmentally conscious alternative for disposal in the normal domestic compost.

characteristics of biological nets
- Eco-friendly material from biological raw materials (potato starch)
- weatherproof, water-resistant, tear-resistant
- small pack: 2x5m, 2x10m, 4x5m, 4x10m, 8x8m, 8x12m
- color green

article 1.323 BIO 1.315 BIO      
mesh fine mesh        
dimension small pack        

biological nets, full capable of compost