Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Egle
Department: executive director/CEO; Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Overseas
Phone: 0043 5574 73618
E-Mail: egle(at)agroflor.at

Carola Lindner
Department: Sales Switzerland+Austria, Administration, Accounting
Phone: 00423 373 0161
E-Mail: lindner(at)agroflor.li

Daria Stefanowicz
Department: Sales France
E-Mail: stefanowicz(at)agroflor.at

Yvonne Wawrik
Department: operations
Phone: 0043 5574 73618-15
E-Mail: wawrik(at)agroflor.at

Our customers can reach us by phone from monday to thursday from 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 and on friday from 08:00-12:30. We answer e-mails as quick as possible, also on weekends and holidays.