pool and pond leaf protection net

Agroflor leaf protection nets prevent leaves of falling into your pond or pool. Therefore the leaves can not sink to the ground which would lead to color changes of the pool ground and algae and slush in ponds and pools. The leaf protection net is the perfect solution for pools with heating because they have to stay uncovered in the fall in order to decrease their water temperature.

CAUTION! The Agroflor leaf protection net is not designed to carry the weight of a child or adult!

characteristics of pool and pond leaf protection nets
- protection 100 %
- eco-friendly, tear resistant PE-material
- weather, water and acid proof
- temperature-resistant from -30°C to +70°C
- UV-stabilized
- colors: black, gree-black

article 1.216 1.307 1.314
mesh width 5 x 5 mm 3 x 8 mm 20 x 20 mm
weight 107 g/m² 44 g/m² 20 g/m²
standard measurements 3 x 100 m 3 x 100 m  
finishing knitted buttonholes knitted buttonholes  

leaf protection nets for pools and ponds