Since the formation of Agroflor in 1982 we produce nets and mats of highest technical standard.

This guarantees fist class quality and high durability of the technical knittings. AGROFLOR products are exclusively made from eco-friendly polyolefine material.

our advantages:

Because we produce in Europe we have short delivery distances. Therefore our products can be delivered to our customers fast and without complications.
We are flexible and do our best to realize new product suggestions of our customers.
Our customers do not have to place bulk orders. We can also deliver small batches and produce special products.
Because our customers can order small amounts they can minimize thers storage costs.
We do our best to provide individual advice for each customer in order to find the ideal product for his requirements.

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Agroflor has over 30 years of experience in the production of hight quality anti bird nets, construction nets, shading sheets, visual and wind protection sheets, advertising screens and stage covers.