single-use anti bird net VITINET for fruit- and vinegrowing

The single-use anti bird net Vitinet is used as bird protection by many well-known fruit- and vinegrowers. The ultra-light anti bird net is installed in the last weeks before harvesting to prevent damages to the fruit and wine by birds.

Vitinet is designed for the manually or mechanically covering of large areas. The installation is possible very fast because of the perfectly even mesh structure.

The anti bird net can be laid directly on the plants. The net is able to grow with the plants because of its light weight and the high elasticity which as a result prevents the branches from growing into the net. The Agroflor Vitinet offers eco-friendly protection of fruit and vine plants with low effort.

characteristics of single-use anti bird nets
- bird protection 100%
- eco-friendly PE-material
- weather, water and acid proof
- perfectly even mesh structure
- easy installation
- mesh width from 20 to 40 mm available
- color green or blue

article 1.315/20 1.315/25 1.315/30 1.315/40
mesh width 20 x 20mm 25 x 25 mm 30 x 30 mm 40 x 40 mm
coverable area 1000m²/2000m² 1250m²/2500m² 1500m²/3000m² 2000m²/4000m²
roll width 0,8 m / 1,1 m 0,8 m / 1,1 m 0,8 m / 1,1 m 0,8 m / 1,1 m
ideal cover width 4 m / 7 m 5 m / 9 m 5 m / 11 m 7 m / 15 m

Covering large areas in short time with single-use anti bird net VITINET