climate net

Experienced farmers and gardeners rely on Agroflor climat nets which are sold by the company Folitec (Germany).
The polyethylene nets are used to cover vegetables and ornamental plants, are used as frost protection and serves as bird protection for seeds.

Agroflor climate nets have a hight deterioration and tear resistance, which makes them useable multiple years. As a result the costs per year are considerably lower as the costs for fleece. The climate nets are water and air permeable which means they allowe ideal transpirtation of the plants and prevent the development of mold and condensed water. In addition the nets protect the plants from wind, hail, storm and insects. This means they protect without isolating the plants and create the ideal surrounding for germination, growth and ripening of the plants.

The climate nets are UV-stabilized up to 6 years and available in large widths.

Agroflor climate net to cover vegetables and ornamental plants, as frost protection and protection of seeds from birds