wind protection for the agricultural sector

The Agroflor collection of light-weight knitted wind protection nettings was developed in cooperation with professional fruit, vegetable and wine growers.

The windbreaks are available in various densities and are thus suited to whichever topographic conditions they are needed. The tear-resistant polyethylene knitted material has a high level of monofilament for additional strength and is characterized by its extreme light weight.

By installing a wind protection net the need of water is reduced in high levels of thermal and the plant is able to grow in a stable environment with reduced stress which leads to a considerable quality intensification. The permeable mesh structure allows most efficient protection against wind and at the same time prevents too high pressure on the supporting structure. Using AGROFLOR wind protection netting systems accounts for a considerable yield increase.

characteristics of wind protection nets
- wind protection up to 84%
- eco-friendly, tear resistant PE-material
- weather, water and acid proof
- temperature-resistant from -30°C to +70°C
- UV-stabilized
- colorfast and form steady
- color green

article 1.100 1.201 1.202 1.203 1.504
wind protection 84% 50% 70% 73% 45%
measurement/roll 1/1,5/2/3 m x 100 m 1/1,5/2/3 m x 100 m 1/1,5/2/3 m x 100 m 1/1,5/2/3 m x 100 m 2 m x 50 m

high quality wind protection and ideal wind protection systems