harvesting nets for fruit-growing

AGROFLOR harvesting nets reflect the consequent realization of demands from the professional fruit-growing. Harvesting nets have proven to be a vast improvement to the work and time intense manual harvesting.

The tear-resistant knitted nettings are weather- and water-resistant. Our harvesting nets have reinforced seams to the middle of net. This enables the nets to be installed around the tree trunk with a minimum of effort. Therefore the fruits can be collected in the shortest possible time.

In order to protect the ground around the tree trunk and to avoid the build-up of an artificial climate, AGROFLOR has produced a range of light-weight, permeable mesh-structured netting. The Agroflor harvesting nets reduce the time needed to collect the fruits considerably.

characteristics of harvesting nets
- protection 100 %
- finishing with reinforced seams on the sides and to the middle of the net
measurements: 6 x 6 m, 9 x 9 m, 12 x 12 m
- special measurements on demande
- eco-friendly, tear resistant PE-material
- weather, water and acid proof
- temperature-resistant from -30°C to +70°C
- UV-stabilized
- colorfast and form steady
- color green

article 1.201 1.601 1.602 1.603
mesh width 5 x 5 mm 5 x 5 mm 5 x 2 mm 5 x 1 mm
weight 125 g/m² 76 g/m² 77 g/² 84 g/m²

tear resistant harvesting net by agroflor to collect fruits in a short time