insect protection nets to protect fruit and vegetable

By using the Agroflor insect protection net vegetable producers contribute considerably to the protection of the environment because chemical pesticides are proving to be less efficient as time goes on. The eco-friendly method of using netting has proved to be the most successful alternative solution.

A certain insect protection is guaranteed with the appropriate net against the rodent. Special nettings with very small mesh sizes (Art. 117) are used against the white fly with great success and separation nets prevent wrong pollination. As a protection against the Suzuki fly the network type Art. 1.119 is recommended

The anti insect nets permit unimpeded water permeation to the plants during rainfall or watering. During heavy rainfall the nets act as a buffer and reduce the risk of damage being caused through erosion. Our range of insect protection nets also offer protection against wind and reduce the need of watering. The controlled climate and water regulation under Agroflor insect protection nets allow the plants to grow in optimal conditions and as a result leads to a considerable yield increase.

characteristics of insect protecion nets
- protection 100%
- eco-friendly PE-material
- very light weight
- very light permeable
- useable multiple times
- color white/transparent

article 1.117 1.119 1.121    
mesh width 0,2 x 0,8 mm 0,8 x 0,8 mm 1,30 x 1,30 mm    
shading 38 % 20 % 10 %    
weight 120 g/m² 65 g/m² 60 g/m²    
standard measurements 3 x 100 m 3 x 100 m 3 x 100 m    
  other measurements on demande        

Insect protection net by Agroflor.
The eco-friendly alternative to chemical pesticides.