scaffolding protection nets

Agroflor Scaffolding protection nets have been developed in close cooperation with the construction industry. In consideration of the Legal requirements Agroflor is producing scaffolding protection nets which are easy to handle with a durable lifetime because the nets are extremely weather-resistant as well as light and colorfast.

Agroflor Scaffolding protection nets are extremely lightweight and easy to install. They are highly tear-resistant, offering extremely efficient protection from falling debris, dust or objects on the construction site. Extreme weather conditions can also be effectively regulated by using the scaffolding protection nets. This large surface area netting with it`s dense meshwork can be printed on and thus offers the ideal opportunity for advertising. The top-quality printing techniques on our netting (also multi-colored when using digital printing) lead to effective advertising.

characteristics of scaffolding protection nets
- securing of construction sites from falling material and tools
- ideal for printed advertisements
- eco-friendly PE-material
- weather, water and acid proof
- temperature-resistant from -30°C to +70°C
- UV-stabilized
- colorfast and form steady
- colors: white (only for large-scale order of 10 rolls: green, blue)

article 4.623 4.720 4.730
measurement/roll 3,07 m x 100 m 2,57/3,07 m x 100 m 2,57/3,07 m x 50 m
finishing knitted buttonholes knitted buttonholes sides with woven reinforcing tape with fixation straps

scaffolding protection nets for the safety on construciton sites
printed scaffolding protection nets for large advertisement