shading sheets for the agricultural sector

Agroflor shading sheets were developed in cooperation with well known garden specialists with special consideration on the ability to provide variable degrees of shading and light diffusion.

The light-weight knitted polyethylene shading sheets are the ideal material for the shading of greenhouses. Shading mats with twisted treads are ideal to produce a flexible guidance of light. The illumination of the plant is optimized and the need of water reduced. The surrounding of the plant is strengthened and the growth conditions improved.

The eco-friendly shading sheets are UV-stabilized and can be installed on supporting structures or guidance strings without difficulty. Agroflor shading mats allow the supervision of the climate in greenhouses.

characteristics of shading sheets
- shading up to 84%
- eco-friendly, tear resistant PE-material
- weather, water and acid proof
- temperature-resistant from -30°C to +70°C
- UV-stabilized
- colorfast and form steady
- flexible guidance of light because of twisted threads
- color green

article 1.100 1.201 1.202 1.203  
shading 84% 50% 63% 73%  
measurement/roll 1/1,5/2/3 m x 100 m 1/1,5/2/3 m x 100 m 1/1,5/2/3 m x 100 m 1/1,5/2/3 m x 100 m  

high quality shading sheets and ideal shading systems