hail protection nets for fruit- and vine-growing

The demands and the experience of several professional fruit-, vegetable- and vine-growers have been involved in developing a range of hail protection nets. The need to protect huge areas of agriculturally cultivated land from the danger of damage by hail stretches any protection system to it`s limits.

Our solutions are extremely tear-resistant monofilament knitted anti hail nets, which allow maximum elasticity, but also are characterized by their extremely light weight. With the hail protection nets the impact of hail is buffered to such an extent, that the damage to the crops is reduced to an absolute minimum. Agroflor knitted netting can meet the demands much longer than woven material because the meshes in knitted material are not movable and damages caused to neighboring meshes are stopped.

Grace to the light weight of the netting it is simple to install and collect. Years of experience have led to the development of an optimal thread-strength, which on the one hand guarantees extreme tear-resistance but on the other hand keeps the level of shade produced by the nets to a minimum. The use of Agroflor hail protection nets offers particularly sustained protection of the valuable crops with a minimum of effort.

characteristics of hail protection nets
- protection 100 %
- eco-friendly, tear resistant PE-material
- weather, water and acid proof
- temperature-resistant from -30°C to +70°C
- UV-stabilized
- colorfast and form steady
- 100 % HDPE-Monofilament

article 1.216.7 1.307.7 1.502.7      
mesh width 5 x 5 mm 3 x 8 mm 3 x 8 mm      
shading 10 % 12 % 16 %      
weight 107 g/m² 44 g/m² 38 g/m²      
standard measurements 3 x 100 m 3 x 200 m 3 x 250 m      
color black black light green      
finishing knitted buttonholes knitted buttonholes knitted buttonholes      

ideal hail protection with hail protection nets by Agroflor